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May 16, 2022 6:00:00 PM

The latest innovation from Wellspect will empower women to handle their everyday life in a whole new way. This time it’s a real game-changer. The new LoFric Elle is the world’s first catheter with an L-shaped handle. It is nothing less than a revolution in the world of female catheterization.

Elle BP

A new way of handling life

For decades, catheters have remained pretty much the same. Until now.

LoFric Elle is a ready-to-use, single-use hydrophilic intermittent female catheter, where the container becomes a handle when connected to the catheter. The handle is ergonomic improves control, ensures better hygiene and increases dignity for more women living with self-catheterization.

We gave a few samples of LoFric Elle to health care professionals and asked them about their first impression. Here’s what they say:

Carin Bergfeldt cropped

Every patient is unique in one way or another. I think LoFric Elle meets the unique needs of every woman in a new way – it enables more women to perform IC for a range of body types, and with various hand function capacity.



Carin Bergfeldt, Occupational Therapist, Sweden

The handle offers privacy and dignity. It restores a woman’s confidence. These things matter.

Jessica, Clinical lead/Continence service, UK


It's not only healthcare professionals who have acknowledged the unique benefits offered by LoFric Elle. Since its introduction, LoFric Elle has received two international design awards in recognition of its groundbreaking design. In 2020, LoFric Elle won both the iF Design Award, in the category of Medicine/Health, and the Red Dot Design Award. Here's what the Red Dot Award Jury said:

LoFric Elle successfully combines a slim and discreet form with a user-centric design, which improves the handling of the device.


Want to know more about LoFric Elle and get hold of a sample of our revolutionary new catheter?

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