How a Catheter Eased & Improved My Quality of Life

Aug 23, 2023 10:03:58 PM

Most women aren't alarmed by a tiny urine leak as they lift heavy items, cough, or jog. A protective daily pad can handle this leakage and most of us brush it off. But when urine leakage gets more serious and grows out of control, it becomes a major concern that can limit us and dictate our lives.

This is exactly what happened to Anne. A 44-year-old mother of one son, from northwestern Germany, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), back in 2005.

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Topics: Bladder dysfunction, Intermittent Catheterization, MS

Female urinary incontinence: symptoms, diagnosis & treatment

Mar 15, 2023 2:00:00 PM

Female urinary incontinence is a very common condition. It affects 1 in 4 women and means an involuntary loss of urine. As well as the physical effects of the condition, frequent accidents can lead to social discomfort or isolation. Let's take a look at what everyday life entails with respect to recognizing and treating this issue, how can we recognize it and what solutions and treatments are available.

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Topics: Women's health, Bladder management, Bladder dysfunction