How TAI gave one family their life back – part 1

Jul 10, 2023 9:01:01 PM

A family might take for granted the typical activities they enjoy togetherswimming, nature, and play. For one family, none of this would have been possible had they not discovered Transanal Irrigation TAI.

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TAI: Helping children, teens and their families live with a bowel disorder

Jun 14, 2023 8:49:29 PM

Living with a bowel disorder can be especially difficult when you’re young. There is often physical pain and other difficulties such as bloating, loss of appetite, and soiling many times a day. But it can also lead to emotional pain, embarrassment, and insecurity. At a time when children and teenagers should be growing, developing, and discovering their identity and independence, a bowel disorder can steal their youth and make them feel sad and isolated.

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Topics: Transanal irrigation (TAI), Children and TAI, Bowel dysfunction

How I live my life to the fullest after rectal cancer

Oct 13, 2022 9:01:00 AM

Noah*, 49 years old, is recovering from rectal cancer. After surgery, he found he had additional problems with fecal incontinence which affected all aspects of his life. In this article, he tells us how Transanal Irrigation - TAI -  allowed him to recover his freedom and confidence.

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Topics: Transanal irrigation (TAI), Bowel dysfunction, cancer

What does Alice, 10 years old, think about Transanal Irrigation?

Aug 15, 2022 8:25:51 PM

Alice Tillman is passionate about spreading knowledge of TAI – the thought of other children having to endure painful procedures because of bowel disorders like she did, makes her frustrated when an alternative is available. She hopes that all children who need it will be able to use it and get the fun back in their life.

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Topics: Bowel management, Children and TAI, Bowel dysfunction