Finding quality of life with MS related continence issues

Posted by Wellspect US, July 15 2020

Helen was so embarrassed about her continence problems that she kept them a secret from her husband and family, coping in silence. Her quality of life steeply declined and she developed depression. Today Helen has found a way to manage her unreliable bowel. This is her story.

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Topics: Multiple Sclerosis, neurogenic bladder, bladder and bowel interaction, neurogenic bowel, quality of life

Practical advice for MS patients with bladder problems

Posted by Wellspect US, July 8 2020

As a urotherapist, Lis Höxbroe Hansson meets a lot of patients with Multiple Sclerosis at the Pelvic centre, University Hospital of Skåne in Sweden. In this blog post, Lis provides advice for those suffering from urinary problems as part of their MS diagnosis.

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Topics: Multiple Sclerosis, neurogenic bladder, quality of life

I was 26 and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by Wellspect US, November 13 2018

It was an ordinary morning, except for the fact that Lee woke up with a strange tingling feeling and numbness in his hand. As the day went by, the numbness traveled up his arm, all the way to his shoulder. 

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How Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Affects the Bladder

Posted by Wellspect US, July 20 2018

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) experience bladder problems, and that the risk of developing MS is significantly higher for women than for men? Here's what you need to know about taking care of your bladder while living with MS!

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Topics: Bladder Health, Catheterization, Women's Health, Multiple Sclerosis