Is colonic irrigation the same as TAI (Transanal Irrigation)?

Posted by Wellspect US, July 29 2020

The short answer? No, not at all.
Colonic irrrigation is a “therapy” with little scientific evidence of any health benefits. On the other hand, TAI or transanal irrigation can be a game-changer for people looking to manage their bowel disorders and enjoy a normal life.

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Topics: Transanal Irrigation (TAI), colonic irrigration, functional bowel dysfunction

Living with bladder and bowel problems caused by spinal cord injury (SCI)

Posted by Wellspect US, July 1 2020

“I usually say that I dived into a river and missed…” is how Rupert Langham answers when asked about the events that brought about his spinal cord injury. We talked to Rupert about bladder and bowel function, and quality of life.

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Topics: Catheterization, Spinal Cord Injury, Transanal Irrigation (TAI), neurogenic bladder, bladder and bowel interaction, neurogenic bowel