How to Identify a UTI

Posted by Wellspect US, August 8 2018

Recurrent urinary tract infections can be painful, annoying, and unfortunately is an unwelcome companion for many people using catheters. But there are differences between the various bladder management therapies and the likelihood of UTIs.

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Cranberries and UTI prevention

Posted by Wellspect US, April 5 2018

By Dr. Jeffrey Evans, Partner at Frankel, Reed, and Evans

As a practicing urologist who sees recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI) almost daily in my practice, I am often faced with the question “Do cranberries or cranberry juice help prevent recurrent UTI’s?” Cranberries come from a small shrub indigenous to North America that was used by American Indian tribes for medicinal purposes, mainly urinary conditions. The Pequot Indians called cranberries “ibimi” or “bitter berry”. This tradition has persisted in the United States and many people self-medicate with cranberries in hopes of UTI prevention and/or treatment[1].

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Topics: UTI, Catheterization