What is Transanal Irrigation (TAI)?

Posted by Wellspect US, May 15 2018

If you suffer from chronic constipation or fecal incontinence, it can be difficult to find a regular bathroom routine. Some people are constantly afraid of public accidents or literary spending hours in the bathroom.


What is Transanal Irrigation (TAI)?

Transanal irrigation is a way of flushing your bowel with lukewarm water. A small balloon serves as a stopper and keeps the water in your bowel. The water softens the stool and causes peristaltic movements in your bowels, which is the bodies way of pushing the stool towards the rectum to be evacuated.

When the balloon is removed, the water/stool comes out in the toilet.

With this method more of the bowel is emptied – not only the lower part as with an enema– which means that you don't need to go to the toilet as often. This not only prevents fecal incontinence, but also gives you control over the time and place of emptying your bowel.

This method can be called transanal irrigation (TAI) or anal irrigation whilst rectal irrigation is a less extensive version which only empties the lower part of the bowel.

TAI saves time and frustration

Irrigation with water is a safe way to empty the bowels. It can save a lot of time and frustration when conservative alternatives such as diet, lifestyle changes and stool modifying medicine aren't working properly.

"It took me 16 years to find out that there are alternatives in the market, which I should have been told right away," says real Navina user, Mikey.

Used routinely, TAI establishes a predictable pattern for emptying the bowel which can restore a sense of control, but also a sense of dignity and freedom. And it helps maintain the bowel system in a healthy working order.

Frequency of treatments varies depending on individual needs – for some people, it may be needed daily, for others every other or third day. The pattern best suited for each person is decided in consultation with a healthcare professional.

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