What are Invisible Disabilities?

Posted by Wellspect US, November 27 2018

Millions of people around the world have some kind of disability. In many cases it is impossible to tell, just by looking at someone. These "invisible" impairments are limiting in one way or another, even though it is not obvious to others. So let's get below the surface and talk about invisible disabilities!

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Topics: Men's Health, Women's Health

10 Expert Tips for Smooth Digestion

Posted by Wellspect US, November 24 2018

Your stomach is like a car. As long as it’s running smoothly, you probably don’t pay much attention to what's happening with it. But as soon as a weird sound is heard or the brakes are squealing, it demands your attention.  It’s not only annoying—it may hinder you from going where you want and doing what you want.

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Fighting Social Isolation

Posted by Wellspect US, November 19 2018

When you have a severe accident or get a new diagnosis, there often are several sudden and significant changes that challenge the way you live. It is during times like these that we realize that no man is an island; we all need people in our life. In this post by Kent Revedal, we explore how to avoid social isolation and maintain meaningful relationships.

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Topics: Active Living, Women's Health, Men's Health

I was 26 and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by Wellspect US, November 13 2018

It was an ordinary morning, except for the fact that Lee woke up with a strange tingling feeling and numbness in his hand. As the day went by, the numbness traveled up his arm, all the way to his shoulder. 

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Topics: Multiple Sclerosis, TAI

Women and Atonic Bladder

Posted by Wellspect US, October 31 2018

Many women with a Spinal Cord Injury, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or injury from child birth have difficulties emptying the bladder. In this article, we'll focus on the reason: Atonic Bladder.

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Topics: Women's Health, Bladder Health